Season 2 Can You Question God?

Premiere Date 05/03/2019

Is it wrong to question God? On this episode, Tray and Jea share their experiences with questioning God about certain situations in their lives. How did they deal with their frustrations and gain understanding? Tune in to find out! Join our virtual watch party every #FirstFriday 8pm EST right here on Mane Moves TV! Join in on the conversation on social by using the hashtag #LWTJ!



LIFE w/TRAY & JEA (Pronounced "Jay")

The mission of ‘Life with Tray and Jea’ is to give young woman, both believers and nonbelievers, a different view of what it means to be young and Christian.  The show accomplishes this by giving the audience a front row seat into the lives of Tracey Laroche and Jeanelle Drysdale as they share their unique insights and their experiences on their faith walk, and by giving Christ-centered advice and by discussing the most important topics that sometimes hinders those who are seeking.  


The show’s primary purpose is to foster conversations about living a life of faith through personal stories of triumph, failures, breakdowns and breakthroughs.  

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Hey Ya’ll, I’m Tracey. I am a Haitian raised, Brooklyn born natural-haired single entrepreneur that’s a lover of Christ. So much right? I know lol.


I was born and raised Roman Catholic. Yet, when my father passed from Cancer, I no longer believed in a God. Therefore, when I met him in 2015 I was quite shocked he wanted to talk to me since I was cursing his presence. It was at that time that we had a #RealRapRaw conversation. After that, I started to experience him in a way I never thought was possible. On Feb 7, 2016 I got baptized and gave my life to him. From then to now, all I can say is #JesusIsBae.



Hey there! I’m Jeanelle, a big haired, brown girl. Brooklyn raised and Jesus saved Caribbean American who loves thrifting and all kinds of food...especially popcorn.  I am currently working in my passion for youth ministry as the Area Director of Young Life, a international outreach ministry focused on ministering to adolescents, in my community of Bed-Stuy.   


I grew up as a “Christian”, got saved at the age of 9, but it wasn’t until the age of 24-25 that God became alive to me.  Around that age I went through a lot of heartache and pain. I lost a lot of things and was desperate.  I felt alone, empty and incomplete, that’s when I knew that thing that was missing was a relationship with God. In my spare time I also am a journalist. I love capturing the stories of people through radio, television and writing. That’s what finds me here. "Life with Tray and Jea" is a beautiful marriage between my faith and the telling of many stories.       

LIFE WITH TRAY & JEA is produced by Mane Moves Media, Inc. 

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