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No Salons.

No Beauty Supply Stores.

No At Home Hair Appts.

What Do You Do With Your Hair Now?

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Our online event is designed to provide you a place to learn and to be inspired.  Top industry professionals will be on hand to share their expertise and guidance on how you can maintain and style your hair at home! Hosted by Natasha Gaspard, this online hair party is also the place to share stories, swap beauty secrets and debunk myths once and for all!  If you’re ready to start a new relationship with your hair then RSVP to join us!

Featured Guests


Diane C. Bailey

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Master Pioneer, Natural Hair Care Specialist and Educator,

 Diane C. Bailey (NYC) wrote the first textbook Natural Hair and Braiding by Milady and has created several professional curriculums to teach the art form of natural hair styling. She is also the Founder of EMERGE Natural Industry Beauty Alliance, a  beauty trade association that establishes cultural and beauty standards while developing progressive entrepreneurial 

leadership within the natural beauty industry.


Susan L. Peterkin

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Master Pioneer, CEO & Co-Founder of The Natural Hair Industry Convention, and owner of Jaha Natural Hair Studio (MD) Susan L. Peterkin is an award winning business professional with over 30 years of experience in management principles, marketing, and business development.

She is skilled and knowledgeable in all aspects of

hair care and cosmetology.

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