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Mane Moves Media is looking for gifted storytellers who can assist with creating compelling short form video content for the web and other digital platforms.  In this role you will pitch ideas for natural hair and beauty-related video segments for our flagship show Mane Moves TV!  Segments will feature fun and engaging how-to guides/tutorials with the guidance of natural hair care experts and informational packages reporting on hair and beauty industry news & info. You must be in the know about the digital and pop cultural landscape with intimate knowledge of the latest and greatest in social media. 



Mane Moves Media is seeking creative individuals to design digital media marketing campaigns to drive revenue and work on business development and partnerships with both niche and major lifesyle brands. Team members in this position will provide strategic vision to advertisers and brands who want to drive engagement with products and service




Mane Moves Media is looking for an intern to assist in building the visibility of the site and its video content through social media. As an intern you will have the opportunity to help online presence of Mane Moves Media. Your primary goal will be to make sure Mane Moves TV is everywhere natural hair is.

Interns will collect information on events happening in NYC, info of new products, initiatives in natural hair, style choices, product makers, people who are furthering the cause of natural hair (profiles of bloggers) what's hot in the natural hair world from professionals, natural hair meetups, workshops, etc. Mane Moves TV’s mission is to bring the audience the credible information on maintenance, style and products along with interviews w/professionals.  It is also our mission to explore and discuss with our audience hot topics in the hair community.


Please apply by sending your cover letter and resume to with the subject Opportunities at Mane Moves Media.

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