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Africa Miranda Shows us how to Step Up, Step Out and Shine!

Mane Moves Chats With…Africa Miranda!

I met Africa Miranda a few years back in NYC at an event I was co-hosting between an organization I started called Naturals4Change and Truth in Reality. This event was a convening of women of color to talk about the harm that reality TV inflicts on women of color by perpetuating negative stereotypes. I’ve been following Africa, the Periscope Princess (as she was known then) and noticed she attended the event…I was so shocked and honored for her to be there. She raised her hand and commented about what was being shared and she talked about her experience being on her show, The New Atlanta a few years back. I was impressed with her willingness to be vulnerable and to share her story…here we were talking about reality shows and how they are detrimental to Black women in many ways and Africa is talking about her involvement in one. She did share her lessons learned and stayed back to engage with the audience and speakers and I will never forget that day. We would go on to have a few more events around rallying against reality shows and bringing awareness to how they pose a threat to the image of Black women.

Africa at one of our events in NYC in 2015!

Fast forward, Africa Miranda has a book out on shelves across America…wow!!! When I say I am proud of this woman, I am sooooooo very proud! Africa is one of the nicest, most genuine and caring people I’ve met along my journey. She has been talking the talk and walking the walk and the future is so bright for her! I wanted to chat with Ms Miranda about her journey in writing this book and specifically what it took for her to Step Up, Step Out and Shine! As someone who follows Africa on social media, it makes total sense that she would be having success but…was it a smooth ride? Is it ever???? Lol. Take a look and find out why 2017 was the WORST year for Africa and what she did to bounce back.


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