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The Naturalista's guide to all things natural hair and beauty!

The Mane Authority is our flagship news-magazine format show featuring interviews with top industry hair and beauty experts providing tips and advice to support women on their natural hair journeys, easy to understand styling tutorials, features on new and upcoming hair products, features on fly Naturalistas and providing a basic understanding of the maintenance of natural hair texture. 

We got you covered on everything you wanted to know about natural hair from hair styling to maintenance to embracing our culture.  The Mane Authority is your go-to guide to living the Naturalista lifestyle! 

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Celebrity hair stylist and Shea Moisture Beauty Ambassador 

For Diane Bailey natural hair is more then a hairstyle, it is a way of being and a lifestyle.  Known as a “Master Pioneer” in the natural hair industry she has been called the “God-Mother of Natural Hair”. Ms. Bailey has spent more then 25 years as a salon entrepreneur as the president and art director of Tendrils Hair Spa, one the first salons in New York City to feature chemically free services for textured hair.   As an appointed advisor to the state of New York, she has advised the state on the development of the nation’s first natural hair styling license.

It is my passion to elevate industry engagement and create educational natural hair and beauty events that help the community to embrace textured hair and value lifestyles that are progressive, healthy and balanced.”

Award-winning Hair stylist and Founder of Natural Hollywood

Jennifer is an award-winning hair stylist and former salon owner changing the perception of Natural Hair across the globe. Over the last few years she has been working behind the curtain of some of the country’s most exclusive runway shows, like New York Fashion Week and NZURI”s Natural Hair Care Expo and Fox26 News in Houston, one of the world’s largest festivals dedicated to natural hair.  Jennifer

Her most recent features can be found in the ESSENCE Magazine October, 2016 issue for The Natural Aristocratic Tea and where her styles from the Paris, France showcased are highlighted. Jennifer’s next project, the “Natural Hollywood” coffee table book is set to be released late summer of 2017

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