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Your 2018 Naturalista Gift Guide!


We've Pulled Together a Few Amazing Gift Ideas For Your CURLfriends this Holiday!

Tis the season of giving and as any Naturalista knows there are a few essential items that makes any natural hair journey easier to navigate. This year we've gathered a few amazing gift items that will have your CURLfriends and their tresses signing your praises! Now as you know (and as we always say!) natural hair is more than a hair style...its a lifestyle! So our list, of course, includes products and accessories for the hair but we're also featuring some gift ideas that will speak to many aspects of a Naturalista's experience!

The Customizeable Holiday Toolbox by Puff Cuff

From the makers of the Puff Cuff, a Hair Clamp designed to style natural hair into a puff, comes a gift box that you can fully customize by choosing a maximum of six items from 11 proven fan favorites. As you can see, there are several items to mix and match including different size Puff Cuffs...winning!

Detangling Brush by Felicia Leatherwood

Created by Felicia Leatherwood, the hairstylist to Hollywood's Natural Hair elite, The Detangler Brush is all the rave. The flexi-bristles have been engineered to rid your hair of tangles, smooth your coils and cut your detangling time in half! Anything that speeds up 'wash day' is definitely a keeper!

Slouchy Warm Slaps Satin Lined Caps

The winter months can wreak havoc on our delicate tresses and these satin lined caps are the perfect remedy to keep our heads warm while keeping our natural hair protected. And not to mention they are super cute and come in a bunch of colors!

Fist Up Tassle Earrings

How cute are these earrings! Melody Eshani has mastered the craft of creating powerful statement pieces that speaks volumes. Stunt on em with these Fist Up Tassel Earrings that oozes feminine power...fists up ladies!

Pardon My Fro

Pardon My Fro- Collections for the Home

Graphic desinger, Dana Bly was in search of imagery of natural Black women that was bold, fun, and vibrant so she created Pardon My Fro. Her vision for the brand is to offer other women like her that are proud of their hair and their heritage, products they can literally see themselves in.  We couldn't choose just one so we featured a few of our favorites but I'm sure anyone would be estactic to receive any one of these beautifully handcrafted gifts!

Step Up.Step Out.And Shine

Africa Miranda penned such a great guide on living your best life! With the new year just around the corner why not get learn from the many life lessons Africa shares to create a new game plan for 2019! You can pick up a few copies for you and your friends so that you all can Step Up, Step Out And Shine together! Go CURLfriend...that's my CURLfriend!

Afros, Braids, & Curls ABCs For Curly Girls

If you couldn't tell...we love giving books as gifts! Give the gift of reading to a young girl who can also use some reinforcement in learning to love her kinks and curls! Author Daniella Lopez wrote this rhyming alphabet book to promote self love and pride in girls with naturally textured hair. Thank goodness there are more and more books about natural hair for our girls growing up to see themselves represented in all forms!

Getting To the Root

Oftentimes we overlook our best CURLfriend...our hairstylists! They hook us up with fly hairstyles, they care for our tresses and they are there for us, listening and offering valuable advice. Why not show our appreciation by getting them a gift that keeps on giving! Dr. Yolanda Lenzy is a board certified cosmetologist and dermatologist who has put together a comprehensive guide to teach hairstylists how to identify signs of hair loss which is an epidemic with African American women. This is a must-read for any hairstylist so why not empower her or him to be able to tackle any problems in the early stages!

Miss Jessie's Bogo Sale

Miss Jessie's Holiday Bogo Sale

You know any Naturalisa gift guide wouldn't be complete without having some natural hair products featured! What better product to feature than one of the first products ever to hit shelves specially formulated for kinks, curls and coils at the beginning of the natural hair movement! Miss Jessie's is offering a promotion for the one get the 2nd product 50% off. We won't be mad if you keep on for yourself!

Haus of Swag & The Doll Haus Project

Oftentimes Naturalistas are thought of as having to look and dress in one particular way which totally opposite of what it means to be natural. Being natural represents the idea of being free to be yourself. Founder of Haus of Swag, Toni Scott-Grant, knows this to be true and embodies this idea in her line of fashion and accessories. Not only can we wear fashion that represents us but now with the Doll Haus project we can have dolls that are customized in our imagery and our aesthetic which is very much needed...not only for young girls growing up but for the little girls inside of us who never had this level of representation!! Haus of S.W.A.G. stands for Sisters With A Grind and is representative of women owning their power. Every one of her products are packaged with care so spread love...its the Brooklyn way!

We hope you enjoyed our guide and have given you some gift ideas that will show how much you care! Let us know if you've brought and tried any of the gifts ideas on our list...we'd love to hear about it!


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