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Keynote Speaker * Moderator * Panelist


Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer, Mane Moves Media 

Born and raised in Brooklyn NY by a single-Haitian mother, I am the youngest of 3 children.  I’ve always had an interest in the entertainment industry, particularly in television, and film.  I also had a deep interest in learning about the ways human beings think so it’s no surprise that in college I majored in Psychology.  It may come as a surprise though that just 2 and half years later I decided to switch my major to Communications once I realized my college campus in Brooklyn, NY had a full TV studio!


I immediately switched my major to mass communications which helped me realize the power that media had in shaping people's perceptions.  Not only in the way the world sees Black people but in how Black people also saw themselves.  All of these events in the late 90’s coincided with my natural hair journey and a new awakening was taking place within me.  My personal journey to self-discovery and self-love heavily informs the work I do today…and LOVE is at the core of it all!

Natasha Gaspard is an Emmy Award-winning television producer with over fifteen years of experience in creating compelling video content for multiple media outlets. She is an excellent communicator who writes, produces, and directs all forms of video content such as documentaries, web series and events.  Natasha has produced in a variety of settings from on-location to live-in-studio productions covering a myriad of issues from mass incarceration to homelessness to natural hair discrimination.  Natasha’s mission is to use her knowledge, expertise, and network to help businesses and organizations authentically connect with Black women consumers.  

Her years of experience in covering the natural hair movement gives her unique insight into what truly resonates with Black women. As an advocate in the natural hair movement, her work uses natural hair as the gateway to addressing Black women’s physical, mental, and emotional health.  Natasha is on a mission to change the narrative around natural hair which is why she decided to create her own media organization, Mane Moves Media, Inc.    


This Brooklyn-based production company creates digital content celebrating the beauty and power of Black women.   Natasha understands the power media possesses in spreading messages and in shaping perceptions around the globe.  Mane Moves Media was created to fill the critical void of information and the lack of understanding and acceptance of natural hair textures.  Natasha has created this platform where Black women can holistically learn about themselves and see authentic representations that emphasize their culture and identity. Through impactful storytelling, she is on a mission to inspire Black women globally, fostering an appreciation for their unique beauty and nurturing the confidence to proudly wear their crowns.


The Mane Moves TV Network is the streaming channel that hosts and distributes content that represents Black women in all of our glory.  Not only does the MMTV channel provide much-needed education around natural hair care and styling, it is also a safe place for Black women to restore their natural connection between Beauty and Wellness.

Natasha has been covering the latest wave of the Natural Hair movement since it began in the early 2000’s.  Working in the industry throughout the years, Natasha realized that there was so much opportunity to heal generational wounds in many areas throughout the industry.  


One major generational wound to be addressed is the relationship Black women have with their naturally textured hair.  Becoming certified in Psychohairapy in 2021 by Dr. Afiya Mbilishaka has given Natasha new tools to work with as Psychology has always been at the basis of Natasha’s work.  


Other generational wounds that are felt worldwide include the systemic discrimination against natural hair textures in Cosmetology schools and the broken relationship between professional natural hair stylists and the community.  In 2022 Natasha became a co-founding member of the Natural Hairstyle & Braid Coalition in NY to address these two major issues.  Her involvement in the Coalition will usher in the the new wave of the natural hair movement which is: Education.


Natasha’s passions are many however the thread that runs through them all of them is LOVE. 


As someone who understands the power of storytelling Natasha is deeply involved in Genealogy and believes in its ability to connect the African diaspora.  You can often find her conducting interviews with potential DNA matches or encouraging strangers to order their DNA tests!  Natasha lives in an Afrofuturism state of mind, constantly visiting the constellations of our universe to bring back and share visions of a future where racism, discrimination is beyond a distant memory.  Natasha is currently working on her forthcoming book entitled “What Black Women Are Freeing Themselves From” which delves into the ways women can harness their innate Goddess energy to create the lives they came to live.

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