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Natural hair is NOT

one size fits all.


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 Is This Workshop For You? 

Are you currently...

- Struggling with growing long healthy natural hair?

- Constantly wearing protective styles for ease and convenience?

- Dealing with a hair or scalp issue and don't know where to turn?

Whether you are a new natural or have been wearing your natural hair texture for years, this comprehensive hands-on workshop is geared towards all skill levels.  Let's face it...most of us have have no clue how to maintain our hair texture to ensure healthy hair. With so much misinformation about natural hair on the internet it is no wonder that you feel overwhelmed, frustrated and are over it!  

Let us re-introduce you to your natural hair by offering new concepts and techniques that will have you seeing your natural hair in a totally new way!

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Finally LEARN the skills to

do it yourself, THE right way!

 Learn From The Best! 

Diane C. Bailey has been caring and styling natural tresses for more than

4 decades!  Her passion for natural hair is fueled by her deep understanding that hair care IS self care!  Ms. Bailey is a pioneer in the industry as the author of the Milady Standard Natural Hair Care and Braiding. It is the first comprehensive textbook on natural hair care, created to teach the art and science to professionals.  Her experience, dedication and knowledge makes Diane C. Bailey a sought after expert in the natural beauty industry.  She continues to educate and inspire women and girls to nurture themselves from the inside out. 

Natasha Gaspard created Mane Moves Media with the intention of creating a new narrative around natural hair.   Her advocacy is steeped in her deep belief that natural hari is the gateway to freedom in every way imaginable!  In addition to producing television programming Ms. Gaspard has worked with many natural hair care industry professionals to bridge the gap between those who have the information and those who are seeking the information.  As a natural hair advocate Natasha produces events, panel discussions and workshops all with the intention of highlighting the intersections between natural hair, beauty, race, culture and identity.

This dynamic duo has been producing and hosting natural hair events since 2012.  Their intentions, mission and goals are aligned and that is to elevate the conversation around natural hair as a vital component to ensuring the overall health and wellness of Black women and girls worldwide. 


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 Become an Expert
of Your OWN Hair! 

See for yourself what you may experience at our NEXT Level Naturals: Hands On Community classes!  These women left feeling re-invigorated, empowered and inspired as they built a NEW relationship with their

natural hair. 


Life opens up when you embrace the real you! 

Sign up for our waitlist today so you can take your skills and

confidence to the NEXT Level!  

Our next class is scheduled Winter 2023 in Brooklyn, NY!

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