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  • What is Mane Moves Studios?
    Mane Moves Studios is the production arm of Mane Moves Media. The company works with individuals, brands and organizations to create video content to share on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram
  • How much does it cost to create a video?
    There are so many different factors that determine the cost of producing a video including, the type of video, length, complexity and quality to name a few. The most important thing to remember is that professional video production does cost money so make sure that you allocate a budget for your video marketing needs. Your best bet will book a Discovery Call with us to see which options work best for you.
  • What is a video portfolio?
    Video is the perfect way to build your brand, share your message and your expertise with the world. Hair care professionals looking to advance their careers should have a body of work to show. This is what we at Mane Moves Studios call a ‘Video Portfolio’ This portfolio can include a collection of videos that you use to inform, promote and inspire your audience. We offer profile video and tutorial video packages to get you started building your online presence.
  • What is the difference between a profile video and a tutorial video?
    Profile videos are videos that tell a story about a certain person or subject. They can be about any subject and are mainly focused on telling the story of a person. This option can be chosen for videos created to promote a service or a product. A tutorial video is a video that highlights detailed instructions of a process. Common tutorial videos include videos that teach how-to create styles or videos that teach how to perform a process. For example, how to properly detangle hair. [Add links to specific videos]
  • Who is able to book a package from Mane Move Studios?
    We work with only licensed professionals: Braiders, Cosmetologists, barbers, locticians and natural hair stylists.
  • What is included in my video package?
    Depending on which package you choose the standard is a director/producer to plan and execute your shoot, a camera crew and 2 rounds of edit changes during the pre-production phase.
  • How much content are we able to get with each package?
    Our profile video package comes with one 3-5 minute video and usually three (30 sec) videos to be used as promos for the larger video. Tutorials package comes with at most 4 videos. It depends on how intricate the styles, what we are shooting and how many models/ styles we can fit into a shoot day will depend on the final output however we aim to produce at least 3 full tutorial videos in the package.
  • How long will it take for me to receive my final video from the time I purchase a package?
    Our standard turnaround time for videos from pre-production to the final should be around 3-4 weeks; however, that time may be extended for more complex videos and if you’re ordering multiple videos.
  • Do you provide marketing assistance with your video production services?
    We work with reputable marketing agencies who will be able craft a video marketing plan for you. To ensure a successful campaign, it is preferred that the client solidifies a marketing strategy with one of our partners prior to the pre-production phase of the project.

Mane Moves Studios FAQ

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